Petticoat Resources

Please find here a selection of the most relevant forms your business will need.

Dispensation Application

To be completed by your organisation and submitted to HMRC in order to reduce the requirement for some expenses and benefits to be reported on a P11D.

You can also complete this application online by clicking here

Authorising Your Agent

To be completed by our client and sent to HMRC to allow us to act on the clients behalf.

Sick Self Certification

To allow employees to sign themselves off sick for 1 week or less.

SC3 Paternity Form

To be completed by parents wishing to take paternity leave upon birth of their baby.


To be completed if the employee does not have a P45 from a previous employer.


To be filled out and submitted to HMRC to advise if employee has either been given a company car or has stopped using a company car.

NI Number Trace Form

Can be used to find your NI number if you do not know it.